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Post Keynesian Review

Revised: the 27th of December, 2012
Started:   the 3rd of April, 2012

This is one of the official sites of the Japanese Society for Post Keynesian Economics.
This site is specifically dedicated to the online journal, titled Post Keynesian Review
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The purpose of issuing Post Keynesian Review, or in short PKR, is to promote further development of studies in economics and related disciplines in the Post Keynesian perspectives.
By the Post Keynesian perspectives, we mean the streams of thinking from classical economics, such as D. Ricardo and K. Marx, to J. M. Keynes, M. Kalecki, P. Sraffa, J. Robinson, J. Steindl, R. F. Harrod,
N. Kaldor, H. Minsky, P. Garegnani and others.
PKR will cover from theory, empirical analyses, policy proposals to historical essays with deep insights toward current issues and the future of our community,
both mathematical and non-mathematical. The types of articles posted in PKR will never be restricted, if they are original ones.

The journal is posted in English.
PKR is a refereed journal.  The manuscripts submitted for posting are subject to the peer review process.
The refereeing process will be completed in principle within 6 months.
  The time cost may vary, depending on the length of  manuscripts.
Manuscripts for the refereeing process should be sent in the PDF file format to the managing editor via email:
  naito[at mark]

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David Ricardo
Karl Marx
John M. Keynes
Michael Kalecki
John M. Keynes
Joan V. Robinson